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Prepare key decision‐makers who serve in critical leadership roles.

Course Developer

The course developer is Donald B. Trone, GFS® who has authored or coauthored over twelve books on
leadership, stewardship, governance, fiduciary responsibility, and portfolio management. He was the
principal founder and former CEO of fi360, and was the course developer for the AIF and AIFA

The GFS™ is based on a new body of research called LeaderMetrics® which Don began to develop in
2007 when he took an eighteen month “sabbatical” to head the newly established Institute for
Leadership at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. LeaderMetrics® is the framework to fully integrate the
three subjects – leadership, stewardship and governance.

Don has been named by numerous organizations as “one of the most influential people” in the
retirement, financial planning, and investment advisory industries. In 2003, he was appointed by
the U.S. Secretary of Labor to represent the investment counseling industry on the ERISA
Advisory Council, and in 2007 he testified before the Senate Finance Committee on fiduciary
issues associated with retirement plans investing in hedge funds.


Classroom training is conducted at West Point, NY or comparable historical and inspiring site.


Training Outcome




The training has a total of 22 contact hours conducted over an intensive 2.5‐day period. The book, LeaderMetrics®: What Key Decision‐makers Need to Know When Serving in a Critical Leadership Role, is a prerequisite reading for all candidates.


The training is based on the new book, LeaderMetrics®, which examines the effectiveness of a key decision‐maker who is serving in a critical leadership role. LeaderMetrics® is a fully integrated leadership and decision‐making framework which can be used to substantiate multiple standards of care:
• Fiduciary standard for advisors, trustees, and members of an investment committee;
• Governance standard for a board of directors;
• Project management standard for the C‐suite;
• Global wealth management standard for wealth holders and family offices; and
•  Best practices standard for life insurance wheelstewardship; and
The coursework includes:
• An introduction to the LeaderMetrics® framework;
• The debriefing of each participant’s individual psychometric instrument;
• The 2 leadership tenets;
• The 10 stewardship attributes;
• The 5‐step and 17‐dimension governance process;
• A survey of fiduciary standards; and
• Moral and ethical decision‐making

Continuing Education Requirements

12 hours of leadership research each year on articles provided on the 3ethos website.

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