Four Extreme Leadership Principles Of A Navy SEAL

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1. Perceived Personal Limitations : If you’re preparing to succeed in business, you must eliminate perceived personal limitations on the spot. Any doubt must be removed from your mind in an instant. Do not let the words “I can’t” enter your vocabulary again.

2. Make It Happen : To empower yourself, or even better, to empower your team, verbalize those three words every day. It shows that you have no doubt you or your team can get their accomplishment done. It shows you have the confidence that you and the team will get all the way to your goal. Force your team members to get out of their comfort zones, to be creative, and find new ways to accomplish their tasks.

3. Leadership By Example and Sacrifice : The incredible respect for each other within a SEAL Team comes down to having sacrificed through the toughest of times together. Trainees know that no matter how tough it gets, the team members right next to them will all have their back.

4. End Objective : If a team feels disrespected, or their leadership is not willing to get into the trenches or not allowed to get out of their comfort zones without fear of consequences, they are not being utilized to the best of their ability.

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